In lieu of the hilarious and unflattering images which circled the net of Beyonce performing at the superbowl earlier this year it seems Mrs Carter has gone all totalitarian on us now and has banned all photography at her most recent world tour and in particular has banned all professional press photographers from reporting at it!

Instead the Beyoncé camp has said they will provide 3-5 pre-approved images from their own photographer to local press should they wish to report on the show. No doubt they will be fantastically lit and retouched beautifully showing Beyoncé in all her pop glory.

However it seems their little planned has already failed! As we know the press waits for no one and in a scramble to be the first to report on her gig many outlets have started to pick up low-quality shots taken by nervous fans on their phones who have secretly taken a shot of the star in the hope they will not get caught.

So let’s see, Beyoncés camp thought by not letting photographers in, they will have full control over the photos shown in the media however now not only is mainstream media showing unflattering photos of her, but bad-quality unflattering photos of her.

Ah well Beyoncé it seems you cant ‘Run The World’ after all!