Embarking on a journey that spans almost two decades, I kicked off my photography exploration armed with nothing but a camera, a backpack, and a dream right after graduating from university. My early days travelling the world were all about chasing sunsets and capturing the essence of places, leading me to feature in the prestigious National Geographic Magazine.

From the vast landscapes and breathtaking vistas, I transitioned into the intimate realm of reportage photography, driven by a desire to capture the human stories embedded within those stunning landscapes. This shift allowed me to delve into candid moments and authentic emotions, revealing a newfound passion.

The adventure continued as I delved headfirst into the enchanting world of portrait photography, particularly finding my stride in the meticulously crafted settings of studio portraiture. The aim was clear – to infuse the authenticity of spontaneous moments into curated environments, capturing the true essence of individuals.

As my career soared it took an unprecedented turn into the glitz of film, fashion and advertising photography for many years, collaborating with world famous photography luminaries like Mark Seliger, Perou, Barry McCall, Michael Dwornik, and Roger Deckker and work featuring in the likes of Vogue Magazine, Vanity Fair and Tatler Magazine. As I soared across the globe, working on major studio shoots with global icons such as Naomi Campbell, U2, and Richard Branson and work featuring in major billboard campaigns and fashion magazines globally, my experience was nothing short of a whirlwind.

Nowadays, I’m bringing my award-winning expertise back to the heart of professional portraiture. Shifting gears one final time, circling back to where it all began – capturing the beauty of everyday moments in all forms of portraiture and advertising and in turn creating my own studio as a haven for capturing incredible portraiture.