Here’s something fun to get the weekend started – check out these awkward and slightly deranged pop star performances! It’s music videos WITHOUT the music!

So you turn on MTV and there’s your favourite bands and singers having the time of their lives in their videos whilst we’re sat at home listening to the clock tick or the microwave ping (not so fun huh?).

Well what if these videos were stripped of their music and instead all you heard were  the imagined sounds and noises of what’s actually happening in the music video? Yup – creaking floors, exhausted dance panting, lights flickering etc?

Well that’s exactly what these guys have done and the results are hilarious.

Check ’em out below to see Michael Jackson looking like a deranged stalker, Rihanna and Shakira insanely cavorting with the walls and what appears to be the local mental asylum thrift shopping with Macklemore.