Just as we all thought house prices were falling the ‘Billion Euro House’ opened it’s doors to the public in Dublin’s Smithfield area this weekend.

The flat, home to artist Frank Buckley,  also serves as his latest art insallation as he has decorated it with 1.4bn decommissioned banknotes!

Interior walls are built from blocks of the money, and shredded notes cover the walls, floors, tables, chairs and even the toilet bowl. The artist stated:

Tourists will see a blue-white pebbledash on the wall that at first they won’t really understand. But their curiosity will be answered when I tell them this represents more than €1bn that are now just worth bricks. They’ll be in the most expensive house in the world and I live in it for free.

Opening the museum, Robert Ballagh, the artist who designed the last Irish banknotes before the euro, said Buckley’s home

“asks important questions of us, of the nature of our society, of our obsession with money and property, and how that has brought us to the state we are in”.

Check it out below and be sure to pop along to Coke Lane, Dublin 7 to see if for real.